#LetsFixBoarding is Taking Off

Boarding a plane in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

It all started with a tweet, and took off from there.

In the past three days since launching the website and initial calls for volunteers, we’ve had 26 UXers from six continents sign up to help fix the misery that is the airline boarding process.

In that same time, we’ve already begun to discuss some of the underlying research and theories on the different approaches to aircraft boarding.  From the Mythbusters to Vox to The Atlantic, there are a lot of thoughts on the subject… but very few answers.

With a group of smart, talented UXers from all walks of life working on the project, I know we’ll be able to think outside the box and come up with best possible solution to the boarding conundrum.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the team, please do!  Whatever your experience with the airline or UX world, we have a role for you, and we’d be honored if you’d join the cause.