Update: Airline Boarding, Intellectual Property, and Legal Concerns

I wanted to check in with everyone as to where we are.

In short, we’re stuck in a bit of a legal hell. Last week, our potential partner raised some legal concerns from their ends about viewing a boarding process as a piece of intellectual property, and are backing off helping out as we would, in essence, be exploiting and sharing their IP with the world, ostensibly for our own gain. Talks about a partnership are still ongoing, but they seem less and less likely.

On the other hand, the question they raised is a very valid one, and a piece I hadn’t considered. I’ve been trying to work with a few different US-based IP lawyers to make sure that we’re covered on our end, but the international nature of our team and work has made it so no one really wants to touch my project with a 10-foot pole. They myriad of different international rules of what constitutes IP and whether and to what extent our project would put us all in jeopardy makes things extremely difficult to navigate.

At this point, we may have to stop and re-think about our approach – or possibly cancel the project all together.  I do not want to do anything to put anyone at any sort of legal risk, and we will not be moving forward until I can be sure that we’re approaching the problem in a way that is responsible for all.

Apologies for the delays, and for the bad news. I know how much of a disappointment this all is. I feel it just as keenly as any of you.