With 50 volunteer UXers from six continents, we’re in need of some (relatively) local, strong leadership to help keep our teams running smoothly.  Are you interested in running a team?

This Is No Small Challenge…

Volunteering to running a design team is no small commitment, and we realize that.  We expect that this will take a significant investment of time and effort on your part.

What’s more, running a team may not be easy.  Before you volunteer, you should expect to help resolve personality conflicts, mediate disputes, organize work, and motivate your team.

…For One Large Reward

While this position requires excellent communication and leadership skills, it does not require that you’ve actually lead a team of designers before.  If you think you are ready to lead a team, this is your chance to take the plunge.

By leading a team, you’ll be able to gain valuable experience working with a group of UX professionals.  We hope that your leadership experience will be an excellent addition to your resume, your network, and your knowledge.

The Method

We will be using a modified, 3-week design sprint method to research, design, and test solutions, leading up to a combined test of all the teams’ work. Each of the three teams will be assigned a specific problem to address, either:

  • Carry-on Luggage and Overhead Bins
  • Priority Boarding
  • Orders of Seat and Row Boarding

Each team will be provided with a Problem Brief that will give an overview of the problem as a whole, identify potential areas for research, ask for designs to address specific questions, and have a stated business goal to guide overall direction.

Your role as a leader will be to organize the research, design, and testing efforts of your group, as well as to keep the other group leaders apprised of your progress and solutions.  This will be done through a weekly conference call (when possible) or email.

The process will go something like this:

Week 1 – Research the Problem

  • Review Problem Brief with team.
  • Brainstorm ideas for research answers to stated questions.
  • Execute research ideas.

Week 2 – Review Research; Conduct Design

  • Review results of research with the team.
  • Develop approach to designing improved solutions.
  • Design new solutions.

Week 3 – Review Designs; Test

  • Review designs with team.
  • Choose one design to use moving forward.
  • Iterate and implement quick changes to design, when necessary.
  • Test design using appropriate testing method.

Design Day Prep (Conducted After Week 3)

Meet with other team leaders to discuss your research, design, and testing results.  Discuss how to integrate your findings into an overall improved process.

Design Day

On behalf of your group, you will:

  • Present a summary of your research.
  • Discuss your design process and chosen solution.
  • Review your testing methods and results.


Any Questions?

Please reach out to Doug@LetsFixBoarding.com with any questions or comments about the leadership position.