Note: Signups for the project are currently closed.  Please check back later or keep an eye on the @LetsFixBoarding twitter account for an announcement of when we’ll be re-opening enrollment.

Welcome Aboard #LetsFixBoarding!

Whether you’ve worked in User Experience for years or simply want to help make the world a better place, we’re honored you’re considering joining the team.

What’s In it For Me?

  • A better overall boarding experience
  • Practical working experience on a real-world UX problem
  • Networking opportunities inside the UX and airline industries
  • The fulfillment that comes with making the world a better place

What Am I Committing To?

  • Helping to either research, design, test solutions to real-world boarding problems.
  • Minimum time commitments of a couple of hours on focused, specific problems.
  • You’ll get out of this what you put in.  Have time to work on more?  We’ll keep you busy.