We’ve identified a few areas where we might be able to make positive changes by changing long-existing patterns or behaviors.

Note that the proposed possible solutions are not what we’re limited to investigating, just initial thoughts that have come to mind through group discussion.

Carry-On Luggage & Overhead Bins

One of the possible major issues preventing faster boarding is people blocking the aisles to stow carry-on luggage in overhead bins.  This prevents free flow of travelers to their assigned seats.

We will study the impact that changing carry-on and personal item allowances, overhead bin use and size, and checked bag fees will have in regards to boarding speed and customer satisfaction.

Priority Boarding

It’s been proposed that the system of priority boarding – where First Class, Business Class, active duty military members, credit card holders, and payees board before general boarding, may be negatively affecting boarding speed.

We will study the impact of changing or eliminating priority boarding on boarding speed and customer satisfaction.

Order of Seat and Row Boarding

Research has shown that the order in which we board rows and seats has an extreme impact on both boarding speed and satisfaction.  We will look to verify existing research and propose alternative solutions that may positively improve boarding speed and customer satisfaction.